A little over one month ago, I posted a photo of Amelia Earhart’s autogyro parked at Christman Field in Fort Collins in the early 1930s. You can see that post and the photograph at “Did Amelia Earhart Visit Fort Collins?

Since that post, I did some more research and found a detailed itinerary of her cross-country autogyro trip. Here is a link to that site:


As you’ll see, Earhart flew from Cheyenne, WY to Denver, CO and back to Cheyenne in June 1931, without stopping at Fort Collins. But, her plane was obviously here. I asked the Smithsonian for some help. I got their response today.

The Smithsonian agrees that Earhart did not stop in Fort Collins during her cross-country effort. However, she continued to fly the autogyro (which the Smithsonian spells “autogiro”) in exhibitions for Beech-Nut throughout 1931. They think it is possible that she landed in Fort Collins during that time.

Beech-Nut sold the plane on June 11, 1932 to the S. Sidney Pike Skywriting Corporation in Howard Beach, NY. They repainted the plane and used it to advertise different companies, as shown in the image below that the Smithsonian sent with their response to my question.

Earhart aerogiro after sale
Earhart’s Plane after Sale to Pike Skywriting Corporation. C. 1932. (Courtesy Smithsonian Air and Space Museum.)

So, the best information we have is that Amelia Earhart flew her autogyro into Fort Collins sometime in 1931. We just don’t know exactly when.


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