Barbara Fleming wrote an article on Braiden Hall, at Colorado State University, that was published in Monday’s, August 7, 2017, Coloradoan. I have a few images of the building and decided to share them with you, using quotes from Barbara’s article. I hope you enjoy them.

01 Braiden Hall Arch Sketch Groves 1946 B680
Braiden Hall, Colorado A&M College; 1946 Eugene Groves Architectural Sketch.

“A successful Denver architect, who had settled there in 1914, [Eugene] Groves was innovative in his use of materials and varied architectural styles. He developed a long-standing relationship with CAC, for which he designed and built numerous structures including Ammons Hall . . .”

02 Braiden Hall H17842b c1950 B680
First Men’s Dormitory, Colorado State. Photograph by Mark Miller, circa 1953.

“Back in the late 1940s, when an influx of World War II veterans began coming to the college on the GI Bill, housing was in short supply. While re-purposed Quonset huts helped house families, single men had no place to live on campus. So in 1948, Braiden Hall was built as the first men’s dormitory . . .”

03 Braiden Hall Student Services Now 072317 B680
Braiden Hall, Now as the Student Services Building. Photograph July 2017 by M. E. McNeill.

“Now, upgraded, it is the Students Services building. A newer dormitory . . . was built in more conventional style. Today, [Braiden Hall] sits sedately among several other Groves buildings and many newer structures, intriguing the curious with its history.”

You can read Barbara’s complete article by clicking the link below:

Come back Sunday to see a post on the Armstrong Hotel, once the tallest building in Fort Collins.

Scroll down to the bottom of the page can click the “Colorado State University” category to see the rest of my CSU posts.


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