Mac Head and ShouldersI’m Mac McNeill and I’m a collector. It sounds like an AA sentence and, in a way, collecting is an addiction. I collected baseball cards and coins as a kid, books as an adult, and images of Fort Collins since I retired here about 15 years ago. I love collecting. The only thing that comes close to the joy of finding a new image to add to my collection is the fun of sharing the images with others.

I’ve shared some of my images through a series of local history books, co-authored with my friend, Barbara Fleming. There are three of them – Fort Collins: The Miller Photographs, Then and Now: Fort Collins, and Images of America: Poudre Canyon. I’ve also privately published two other books in areas of special interest to me; The Automobile Comes to Fort Collins and The Early Photographers of Fort Collins. And I’ve shared images through presentations for various local history organizations and at the Discovery Museum. Now I’d like to share some of them with you through this blog.

This is a photo-blog, a blog that leads with images. But, I also like our early the history, when we were a small western town and I’ll try to add a few facts with each image. The images I share will quickly tell you the things I like; streets and buildings, businesses, the old hotels, the towns that have disappeared, and most anything with an old automobile. But I also like photography and photographers, so I’ll favor the stories of the people who made the images we get to enjoy today and to the kinds of images they made, for example, stereoviews, cabinet cards, and real photo postcards.

If you love the history of Fort Collins, I think you’ll enjoy these pictures and stories. Please use the Comments section to share your love or to tell me when you think my facts are wrong or email me at the address shown below. I look forward to hearing from you.

Thanks for looking,

Mac McNeill