How Many Students Can Squeeze into a Hearse?

CSU Students Stuffing a Hearse, November 15, 1963

The Challenge:

In the spring of 1959, phone booth stuffing was sweeping across college campuses. When students returned from summer vacation, Volkswagen Beetle stuffing had taken its place.

In this 1963 photograph, students at Colorado State University had taken the sport in a different direction, trying to see how many students could fit into a hearse. Ten CSU freshman chipped in $12.50 each to buy this used hearse to use on dates. Taking the precaution of supporting the frame with bricks, they managed to squeeze in 50 students, including four coeds.

There isn’t a record of how well the hearse was received by their dates but the Associated Press liked the freshmen’s vehicle and their attempt at notoriety and distributed the photograph across the country.

The Automobile:

The hearse in the photograph is an early 1941 or 1942 Packard Henney. The vehicle was sold both as a hearse and as an ambulance. In 1940, Packard presented a fleet of the ambulances to the American Ambulance Corps in Great Britain. For the duration of World War II, the Packard Henney ambulances transported casualties of the London bombings to area hospitals.

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